Since When Did Men with Beards Become the Authorities on Cream Puffs?

As of today, I have 20 days left in Moscow. My May travel plans include a Trans-Siberian journey from Moscow to Vladivostok, stopping for two weeks in Japan and culminating in a railroad journey across America, from San Francisco to Chicago (flying the last leg from Chicago to NYC).

Let’s celebrate with another post on baked goods with a French origin (from a Japanese food chain).

Beard Papa’s is (apparently) and international chain of cream puff stands that started in Osaka in 1999. The irony is I visited my first Beard Papa’s right after spending three hours at an exhibition of Japanese art (see post). I must been drawn in by the super kawaii interior and the delicious smell of flaky pastry.

Anyway, this is very exciting news because it means I’ll get to partake of my new favorite dessert while I’m traveling in Japan and when I’m home in New York- Upper West Side location, 2167 Broadway.

I tried a vanilla cream puff, which I guess is their standard product. I’m generally not a fan of chains, but I could get behind this product. Delicious AND kitschy- does the foodie community know?

Beard Papa’s cream puffs are all-natural and individually hand-filled for every order. Apparently they also sell mochi ice cream at many of their locations. Not Moscow sadly, at least not at the Kropotkinskaya location.

The three Moscow locations- (1) Shabolovskaya Metro/ Shabolovka str. 30/12, (2) Kropotkinskaya/Prechistenskie vorota sqr. 1/4 (Gogolevsky blvd. 6), (3) Proletarskaya/Marksistskaya str. 38.

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