Day 2: Yekaterinburg, Russia

After an overnight train ride from Kazan, I found myself in Yekaterinburg on Day 2 of my journey.

The city is known for being one of the greenest and most culturally vibrant in Russia. Visitors can see an impressive amount of parks, in both the city center and the less-visited surrounding regions, making up about a quarter of the city’s area.

The most famous building in the city is the Governor’s Residence, pictured above.

This is Prospekt Lenina, one the main streets in the city and quite a pleasant stroll

Most of the city looks like this. This is a photo of Veiner St., the main pedestrian avenue in Yekaterinburg. Beautiful, historical buildings and garish, out-of-place modern store fronts.

The enbankment of the Iset River was by far my favorite place in the city. It’s one of the best places to see street art and people watch.

As you can see here. This is a photo of the keyboard monument, one of the Yekaterinburg’s most famous tourist attractions

I like the idea of this “Street Art Gallery”. Someone seems to have painted the interior of an art gallery on this cinder block wall, complete with (previously) blank canvases for graffiti artists to use.

The mix of old and new, modern and old-fashioned is what made this city great for me.


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